2018 PEN Conference - Activity 1


In preparation for the conference we are developing and compiling popular education materials around this theme. We encourage particularly community groupings to explore the topic using / adapting some of these ideas.


If you have an activity / process that works well and that you would like to share with others, please send it to us! (Pen2018@populareducation.org.za )

Please also send us feed-back on our suggestions – it can only make our practice more useful!


An exercise to begin exploring ‘power’

Participants can do this on their own, or in a group.

Below are some suggestions for a facilitated process.

  1. Show the picture by Pawel Kuczynski

Ask participants to study the picture, individually, and make notes, if necessary.

  1. Ask: What do you see in this picture?

Get a detailed description without analysis and evaluation!). Combine inputs from various from participants to create a collective ‘image’.

  1. Point out that this picture depicts many different kinds of power.

Ask participants to turn to their neighbours, and in pairs list all the powers they see.

  1. In plenary, collect all the powers suggested and list them on flipchart
  1. For each, ask: where does this power come from? Who benefits from it?
  1. If you were to change the situation in the picture, how could that happen?