CDRA Courses for 2015

CDRA Courses for 2015

CDRA is pleased to announce 9 courses for 2015, available in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.

"People matter, organisations matter, how we relate to each other matters and bringing about positive change in the world continues to matter. Our 2015 public courses are offered to help practitioners and leaders engaged in the field of social change to sense, engage, reflect, learn, write and bring our full selves into the field of practice. Learning never stops and learning together is exciting and magical; we never know who will show up and are endlessly inspired by how we inspire one another to greater heights."


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Course Titles 

  1. The Essential Practice of Community Development
  2. Facilitating Organisation Development
  3. Community Leadership Development
  4. Writing for Development
  5. Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning
  6. Monitoring and Evaluation for complex social change
  7. Developmental Facilitation Skills
  8. Advanced Facilitation
  9. Working strategically with emergent process