Exciting Popular Education Programme 2015!

The Popular Education Programme 2015 builds on previous experiences and insights. Through its dialogue and workshop series, the youth course and specifically designed work with organisations the programme targets experienced and new educators working in NGOs and grassroots organisations. All participants must have a belief in and passion for education as a vehicle for change and transformation.

Popular education is different from formal education:

·      It begins with the everyday life and concerns of participants.

·      It leads to actions for change.

·      It explores alternatives to the present system

·      It analyses issues of power, inequality and injustice.

·      It encourages active participation 

The Dialogue Series

The popular education ‘dialogues’ take our previous work with ‘popular education practitioner circles’ a step forward. They aim to further develop a cadre of experienced educators and introduce the popular education approach to new ones. There will be 10 ‘dialogues’, each approximately 3-hours long, on the last Friday of the month. They will revolve around specific topical issues, designed collaboratively and facilitated by experienced popular educators.  

The Workshop Series

The purpose of the workshops is to assist progressive organisations to develop their ability to design, organize and facilitate appropriate, relevant and motivating education. Participation in the workshops does not assume previous experience with popular education. Completion of all workshops is recognized through a certificate of achievement.

Adventure Camp

The first workshop is an outdoor adventure camp to promote teambuilding and intergenerational communication skills, at ‘Back to Basics’, 23-25 February. 

The Youth Course

Young people between 18 and 25 have innate talent, energy, attitude and a remarkable zest for life. Yet, there are few outlets for their creativity and energy. There is a lack of adequate facilities and opportunities to get involved in health, do sports and develop an interest in art, drama, music, film etc.

This 1-year programme aims to develop young people’s leadership as facilitators of health, sports and cultural activities for peers in their home areas. 

National Popular Education Workshop (3-6 September)

In 2013 and 2014, The Popular Education Programme organised and ran very successful 3-day workshops with participants from all over South Africa. This year, we continue the work of building strong networks and encouraging broad dialogue.



Popular Education Programme: Astrid, Derrick, Vanessa

Tel: 0799482843; e-mail: poped2011@gmail.com