Illicit Financial Flows Undermining Gender Justice

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International article
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Date of publication: 
December 2016
Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era (DAWN)
Friederich Ebert Stiftung
This paper explores some of the links between tax- and gender justice at the global level by highlighting two central ways in which illicit financial flows and gender justice are connected. First, through the effects of tax evasion and avoidance and secondly, through the role of financial secrecy jurisdictions and global networks of facilitators which enable illicit financial flows which result from trafficking in women. The paper argues that confronting and dismantling the global enablers and secrecy jurisdictions will be beneficial not only for transparency and global equality but also for achieving greater gender equality and the respect, protection and fulfilment of the human rights of women and girls. The analysis ends with a list of policy recommendations for the global as well as the national level and thus provides guidance for combating tax evasion, avoidance and dodging, as well as money laundering derived from criminal activities.