PEI: Peoples Education Institute

People’s Education Institute
A Program based in Western Massachusetts
What We Offer:
Humanity is currently experiencing a transformation of human culture of immense proportions. In all spheres of life, new philosophies, ethics and practices of leadership are emerging, pushing hundreds of leaders, committed to social change, to say yes to being conduits, midwives and leaders ushering in this evolving culture. This radical process of Awakening and transformation― cognitive, emotional, and spiritual― requires those serving as authentic vehicles to prepare the ground to be in right relationship with self, others, community and society.
The central theme of our work is to explore our inner leadership as a primary vehicle for being more effective and joyous in our work and personal lives. It is foremost a process of Awakening, or tapping the innate wisdom and knowledge of our bodies, soul, and spirit that informs the otherwise dominating mind. It is learning more about our true and unique self. And, it is the practice of taking that Awakening out into our world. Our primary purpose is to help explore how we connect the awareness and learning from our inner practice with our work and living in the outer world. As such, our programs all stem from two primary areas of work:  Life Practice and Application.
Basic Principles of Learning for Leading, Living, and Being
We design and offer ½ day, whole day, and multiple day workshops and consultation for individual and organizations. They are designed to guide participants in an exploration and experience of what it means to be a “whole leader” in a variety of organizations, educational programs, and communities. Being a “whole leader” means embracing, personifying and being guided by the following principles:

  • Community. That which connects individuals in relationship, with the roles, responsibilities, and possibilities which a sense of team brings together.
  • Interconnectedness. Our “oneness” beyond individuality, with each other, our “whole being.”
  • Embodied learning. We create and experience learning modalities that keep the physical body in balance with the (too often dominating) mind. Feelings and their expression are a critical tool in this holistic way of learning, as is stillness.
  • Cultural identity.  The “people” in people’s education represents our social identity, or the group story – its history, language, social and political character – which provides a critical starting point & context for learning together.

What You Will Learn

  • The concept and theory of an evolving universe.
  • Enlarge vision and capacity for the path of a leader in the 21st century.
  • The meaning of leading from the heart.
  • To awaken and expand your inherent capacity to vision, think creatively and use your innate wisdom to lead.
  • To claim and transmute self-demeaning attitudes that creates obstacles to your capacity to lead and share your unique gifts.
  • Techniques and exercises to maintain, healthy, physical, mental and emotional well-being.
  • To create authentic relationships with self in personal and professional settings.

Our Learning Approach
Our workshops are participatory and assume:

  • a learning environment that honors our connection to each other, our sacredness and inner wisdom
  • strategies and activities that honor our multiple ways of learning, with interpersonal dialogue as central to that learning. We offer tools that help us connect with our body, soul, and spirit – dance, music, theater, handwork, poetry, and other expressive activities.
  • our role as both teachers and learners