Subaltern Social Movement Learning and the Decolonization of Space in India


paper will address subaltern agency as expressed through social movement

learning and the decolonization of physical/material space (land and

forests in particular) in Adivasi contexts in south Orissa. Relying on data

and associated reflections on emergent themes and understandings generated

from researching “learning in Adivasi social movements” (research

that commenced in 2006), this paper will (a) address the methodological

orientation of the research; (b) briefly elaborate on the colonization of land

and forest spaces in Adivasi contexts; (c) examine social movement learning,

specifically in relation to the issues and purposes of the movement and

how learning contributes to the establishment of purpose, while providing

some of the impetus for Adivasi agency in relation to the decolonization

of these spaces; and (d) selectively engage theoretical considerations pertaining

to radical adult education/learning and subaltern perspectives on learning in Adivasi movements.

Document Type: 
International article
Date of publication: 
Dip Kapoor