TB - an ongoing BIG issue that is not talked about much....

Popular Education Programme (PEP) and 'Traditions of Popular Education research' invite you to a performance of



Let’s talk about TB!


The play tackles the issue of TB with questions such as

-       How do you know whether you may have TB?

-       How do you catch TB – and what should you do if you suspect infection?

-       Why is there such a stigma attached to TB?

-       How does the high rate of infection in poor areas exacerbate the stigma?

-       What can we do about it?

-       How do you cure TB?


The purpose of the play is to entertain and educate: it gives information and it challenges the audience to break the silence around TB.


Performances (in English and/or isiXhosa) last approximately 30 minutes. They are suitable for any audience. Each performance is followed by discussions to deepen understanding.


For more information or to book a performance please contact

Anna  0825054263   or   e-mail     poped2011@gmail.com.