Uganda Literacy & Numeracy Festival

Uganda Literacy & Numeracy Festival

4-8th September 2015

International Literacy Day – September 8th

  • ï‚·  In July, EDI Uganda shared with local, national and global actors the initial concept note for the Literacy and Numeracy Festival. Hundreds said that it is a worthwhile engagement,andacoupleofactors futherdisseminated the concept note. The International Council for Adult Education (ICAE) sent the same to all its members and associates.

  • ï‚·  On 4 August,The Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development announced that Buikwe District will host this year’s national ILD celebrations. The National Organisation Committee recommended the harmonisation of activities.

  • ï‚·  On 5 Agust, Buikwe District Local Government requested all state and non-state actors in the District to support the festival. The Office of the District Chief Administrative Officer mandated EDI Uganda to provide the required mobilisation and professional leadership.

  • ï‚·  On 9 August, over 150 headteachers in their end of term meeting were informed and requested to embrace the ILD activities in their regular schools calendar. The District Teachers’ Union resolved to be part of the team; and to provide professional support especially for the Math Quiz and Creative Writing / Reading Competition.

Update:17 Aug 2015

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On 11 August, The Communications Coordinator of World Literacy Foundation ( expressed the foundation’s interest to associate with the festival.

  • ï‚·  By 12 Augut, over 20 primary schools had registered to participate in the Math Quiz and Creative Writing / Reading Competition

  • ï‚·  On 13 August, the Alternate Chairperson of the Association of Professional Adult Educators in Uganda (APEAU) pledged the Association’s willingness and readiness to provide the required moral and technical support within its means.

  • ï‚·  On-going consultations involving the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development, Buikwe District Local Government, EDI Uganda and other Actors are expected to be concluded by 19th Aug 2015. The Outcome will be a final harmonised line-up of the Festival Activities which will be shared by 23rd August 2015.

Yes, there is a day – a very special day created to celebrate the joys of literacy while

raising awareness for adults, youths and children without access to education. In 1965, UNESCO established International Literacy Day to highlight the importance of literacy not just for indiviudals, but communites and societies around the world. This year, Uganda is holding a Literacy and Numeracy Festival to demonstrate the centrality and intersectionality of literacy. State and non-state actors from diverse education and development fields are working as a team to deliver an eventful festival. We hope this initiative will change the face of International Literacy Day Event Celebrations now and the years to come (World Literacy Foundation, 2015).

"Literacy and Good Governance for Sustainable Societies"

Update:17 Aug 2015 (con’t)

Pls be part of the team. To deliver an eventful festival, your support is crucial! Contact: EDI Uganda, 0434 123 787, 0772 403 281, More contacts will be added upon conclusion of the on-going consultations.

IT IS OUR MOMENT! Teachers, Lecturers, Librarians, Community Educators, Learners, Educationists, Education Policy Decision Makers and all other Inerested Actors can do something on this occasion to bridge the gap – Literacy for All