Welcome to the ‘Traditions of Popular Education’ site!

The project ‘Traditions of Popular Education’ seeks to inspire alternative forms of education provision that benefit working class and poor people.

What you will find here are:

  • Information on organisations that currently offer popular education in South Africa and links to their websites
  • links to organisations dealing with popular education in other parts of the world
  • a library of documents, visual, auditory and print information about past and present popular education practices and practitioners
  • news about up-and coming popular education events, information on campaigns that draw on popular education, latest publications and recently launched materials and resources
  • links to bibliographies and reading materials on popular education
  • ‘tools’ that include course outlines, activities dealing with particular topics, visual materials that can be used as codes or illustrations
  • pictures from events
  • a ‘blog-spot’ where you can contribute to debates and dialogue on matters pertaining to popular education

Please give us feed-back on how to make this site more user-friendly and useful!